Wed, Dec. 29th, 2010, 10:56 pm [sticky post]


It's been a little bit over nine years since I created this journal. It contains the thoughts, literature, and random musings I've taken the time to write down over the years, as well as the exchanges I have made with people who at one point or the other touched my life.

It is with a bit of sentimentality and a slight sadness that I inform you that I have decided to move elsewhere on the web, as I feel that the pages here no longer accurately reflect the presentation of things I want to write about in the future. I will not delete this journal but it will remain inactive indefinitely. I have also locked all entries and made them private. I have started many new chapters in my life, and if for some reason you still wish to continue to follow my journey, I maintain my cyber presence on the following social media sites below:


Thank you for keeping me company throughout the past 9 years.

Good bye LJ,
Imman :)